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Bird-flu vaccine may be ready by next year
 By Maria Cheng, AP Medical Writer
London - GlaxoSmithKline may be able to produce a vaccine in mass quantities to protect humans from bird flu by next year, the drugmaker said recently following encouraging results from a clinical trial.

The prototype vaccine, which could potentially be used during a pandemic caused by the H5N1 virus, uses low doses of its active ingredient, meaning that greater quantities could be produced. The vaccine uses an inactivated strain of H5N1 that was isolated in Indonesia last year.


Liz Iabichello
Congratulations to Liz for being chosen as August's Volunteer of the Month. She does a lot of behind the scenes work for CERT along with being a Florence Firefighter. In fact, she was recently awarded "Florence Firefighter of the Year" at the annual Pat Clark awards dinner. Liz is a hard worker and just completed her EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) training at Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay and passed her final exams. Liz is also involved with Fire Corps. She lives in Florence with her husband Craig and son Josh. Craig works for QWEST. Liz is also a busy mom and is quite involved with her son's activities as well. Thank you Liz for your dedication and service to CERT over the past several years. Keep up the great work, and try to stay away from those tanker truck accidents!

Cal Crowe, President
Dayna Devlin, Vice President
Paul Cornett, Secretary
Ray Erickson, Treasurer
Anne Machalek, Continuing Education
Jean Busby, Planning Director
Denise Crowe, Publicity
Lon Bradley, Communications Director
Advisor I, John Buchanan
Advisor II, Dave Davis

August Calendar by Debbie Golob


The CERT Board meeting will be held Wednesday, August 9, 2006 at 7 p.m. at Fire Station One (26th & Hwy 101) downstairs. Open to Board Members.
The next General CERT meeting (all CERT Members) will be held September 13, 2006 at 7pm at Fire Station One. 
The overall CERT meeting will be held Wednesday, September 13, 2006 at 7 p.m. at Fire Station One, upstairs. All CERT members are invited to attend. Discussion: National Preparadness Month. Explaination below - 

Washington, D.C. -- For the third straight year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will sponsor National Preparedness Month, along with a coalition of more than 200 national, regional, state and local organizations. National Preparedness Month is a nationwide effort held each September to encourage Americans to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and schools. This year’s goals are to increase public awareness about the importance of family emergency preparedness and to urge individuals to make themselves and their loved ones better prepared.

“Every American has a personal responsibility to ensure that their family is prepared for the unexpected,” said Under Secretary for Preparedness George Foresman.  “Through this effort, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Preparedness Month Coalition will encourage all Americans to be ready before emergencies happen.





Dunes City is planning a Festival of the Lakes, Saturday, August 19, 2006 from 10am-4pm at the Dunes City Hall. Florence CERT will be participating and will be setting up it's own booth at this exciting event. CERT will be looking for four to six volunteers to help out in two shifts (morning and afternoon). The festival will include speakers concerning water related topics, tables staffed by State, County and local agencies and organizations, representatives from the area's business community, music, food, an art show, a photography contest, games and crafts for  children and fun for everyone. The purpose of the one day event is to educate the community on the stewartship of our lakes and watershed, to unite the community, and to have fun. Here is CERT's opportunity to expand the CERT program and get the word out even more.


Annual Siuslaw Fire & Rescue Fund Raiser

Hamburgers, Hotdogs & Refreshments will be sold Saturday, August 12, 2006 to raise funds for the Florence Fire Department. The event will be held at the Dune's Shopping Center ( Hwy 101 & Hwy 126). CERT has been invited to set up a booth.






The mission of Citizen Corps-to harness the power of individuals with education, training, and volunteer service to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues, and disasters of all kinds. The Citizen Corps mission is accomplished through a national network of state, local, and tribal Citizen Corps Councils. These Councils build on community strengths to implement the Citizen Corps programs and will carry out a local strategy to have every American participate.

Florence Area Citizen Corps Structure
  1. Fire Chief - John Buchanan
  2. Citizen Corps Director - Dave Davis
  3. Citizen Corps Coor. - Anne Machalek
  4. CERT Coordinator - Nancy Ruch
  5. CERT Auxiliary Board - Phil Koch
  6. Fire Corps Leader - Terri Atkinson
  7. Are You Ready Coor. - Jean Busby 

Dave Davis will be attending a Region X Citizen Corps Conference in Seattle, August 8-9, 2006. He is serving on the state of Oregon Citizen Corps Council and represents our interests. His wife Rochelle will be making the trip to Seattle with him. We wish them a safe trip.



Promotes the use of citizen advocates to enhance the capacity of resource-constrained fire and rescue departments at all levels: volunteer, combination, and career. Citizen advocates can assist local fire departments in a range of activities including fire safety outreach, youth programs, and administrative support. Fire Corps provides resources to assist fire and rescue departments in creating opportunities for citizen advocates and promotes citizen participation.


  1. Don’t come to the meeting.
  2. If you do come, come late.
  3. If the weather does not suit  out, don’t think of coming.
  4. If you attend a meeting, find fault with the officers and the other members.
  5. Never accept an office, as it is easier to criticize than do things.
  6. Feel hurt if you are not appointed on a committee, but if you are, do not  attend committee meetings.
  7. If asked by the chair to give your opinion on some matter, tell him you have nothing  to say; after the meeting tell everyone how things should be   done.
  8. Do nothing more than is absolutely necessary, but when members roll up their sleeves and willingly and selflessly use their ability to help the organization, say that the unit is run by a clique.
  9. Hold back your dues as long as possible, or don’t pay them at all.
  10. Don’t bother about getting new members; let someone else do it.


C.E.R.T. Board of Directors Meeting   June 21, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Attendees were Cal Crowe, Denise Crowe, Ray Ericson, Lon Bradley, Anne Machalek, Paul Cornett and Dave and Rochelle Davis.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $980 with outstanding bills of $69.

The minutes of the April BOD meeting were approved.

Dave Davis reported that he had been appointed to the Oregon State Advisory Committee for Citizen Corps. At a recent meeting in Portland he had a chance to share information with other area representatives and it was apparent that Portland is ahead of everyone else in preparedness but we are in second place, ahead of all the rest. Portland is doing a full scale disaster drill and calling it Are You Ready. Dave reported that he had a meeting with Dunes City officials, they have received an inundation map for their area. When they asked he told them that realistically that they should not expect any government aid in a large scale disaster. Dunes City is sending a letter inviting CERT to set up a table for the Dunes City Days on August 19.

Dave also reported on the West Lane County Emergency Group where cities can put some of their funding into this so it can be drawn out when needed for things like storage containers and equipment to go into it. Dave also reported that the Post Office in Springfield has sensors for Anthrax and Emergency personnel to set up a decontamination station.

Lon Bradley reported that he will present the status of the Communications Plan at the Membership meeting in July and will provide an opportunity for people to check their radios. He needs a good telephone list to match people up with their geographic location. He will check on getting a large scale map to do that.

Placing a paid ad in the Siuslaw News for the upcoming July CERT class was discussed. A motion was made and approved to authorized up to $70 for the ad. The same material will be used as posters to be placed around town.

Emergency Meeting places within the city have been designated and are shown on the new inundation maps.

Cal Crowe reported that a September exercise is going to be planned allowing use of our radios over a larger area. This will be followed by a potluck. Cal will set up a committee to plan and prepare.

Dave reported that no decision had been made on Fire Station # 2.

A Nominating Committee must be formed to propose a slate of officers for the September election. Cal and Dayna agreed to serve on the committee and Cal will make calls for a 3It was member noted that Wilma Bray had passed away and that a tribute to her would be placed on our website.

Dave recommended that CERT obtain and install a Ham radio base station at the Fire Station. The antenna could be mounted just outside our CERT room upstairs. Ray Ericson and Dave Davis will check on availability of the radio, antenna and power supply, with the idea that as money becomes available we can upgrade the equipment.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Paul Cornett