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The October CERT Volunteer of the month, Ray Erickson, exemplifies what volunteering is all about. Ray who lives in Coast Village has been an intricate member of the Florence CERT organization since 2002. He is a local Ham (Amateur Radio) enthusiast who spends a lot of time helping to train and equip other CERT members with FRS and Ham Radios and other CERT equipment. Ray is an active CERT member here in Coast Village as well. Presently, he’s the CERT Board Treasurer. When Ray isn’t busy with CERT, He’s involved with other activities such as serving as Secretary for the local Shriners Club, is an active Mason and loves Taco Night at the Elks Club. Even though Ray is a senior citizen, you sure wouldn’t know it from his activeness. And he’s had a most interesting life as well, a “Jack of all Trades”. He’s been everything from a rancher and cowboy in Idaho herding cattle to being involved in airplanes and has flown everything from bi-planes to DC 8’s to 727’s. In the 1940s he was with the airplane Ferrying Service which was later absorbed into the U.S. Air Force. Ray was a radio operator on the first airplanes to fly to Hawaii for supplies and later to carry home the military personnel injured in the Pearl Harbor attack (December 7, 1941). After the war, Ray became involved in the aviation business working for United Airlines. He was involved with flight simulator training, crew management and other technical duties. He told of an interesting story of setting up flight simulators in Beirut, Lebanon and while he was there the Lebanon war broke out with Israel in 1982. Eventually, Ray retired moving here to Florence with his wife Marion who passed away shortly after their relocation to Florence. She was the love of Ray’s life. Thank you Ray Erickson for your dedication and continuing excellence in the CERT program.



(Out Going)
Cal Crowe, President
Dayna Devlin, Vice President
Paul Cornett, Secretary
Ray Erickson, Treasurer
Anne Machalek, Continuing Education
Jean Busby, Planning Director
Denise Crowe, Publicity
Lon Bradley, Communications Director
Advisor I, John Buchanan
Advisor II, Dave Davis
Newly Chosen Board Members
Lon Bradley, Jean Busby, Dave Davis, Dayna Devlin, Ray Erickson, Debbie Golub Anne Machalek Phyllis Mauldin, and David Stoutenburg.

The Regular CERT Board Members will meet Wednesday October 11, 2006 at 7 p.m. at the Siuslaw Fire and Rescue Building (Main Fire Station) downstairs. Main Agenda: Reorganize the new Board for 2006-2007. The next overall CERT Membership Meeting (All CERT Members) will be held Wednesday November 8, 2006 at 7 p.m. at the main fire station upstairs.

FLORENCE CERT MEETING AGENDA  October 11, 2006, 7 p.m.

I. Begin Meeting: - 7 p.m.

A.) Reorganize New Board Officers for 2006-2007: Jean Busby, Lon Bradley, Dayna Devlin, Ray Erickson, Debbie Golob, Phyllis Mauldin, Anne Machalek, and David Stoutenburg. (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity, Planning, Communication, and Continuing Education).

II. Report of Directors Advisors

A.) Directors

B.) Advisor II

Treasurer’s Report: Ray Erickson

IV. Approve August, 2006 Minutes:

V. Unfinished Business:

A.) September Potluck Review

B.) Data Sheet/Phone Trees/CERT Roster - Debbie Golob

C.) Organizing Neighborhoods/Are You Ready

D.) CERT Website Page- Debbie Golob VI. New Business:

A.) Upcoming Year’s Events - Anne Machalek

VII. Good of the Order:

VIII. Adjournment:

The next CERT Meeting (all CERT Members), November 8, 2006, 7 p.m. Fire Station One (26th & Hwy. 101). The Regular Board meets December 13, 2006, 7 p.m.


Community Emergency Response Team CERT Fall 2006 Class

(Friday October 6, 2006 and Saturdays - October 7, 14 & 21, 2006) at Fire Station One ( Siuslaw Valley Fire & Rescue, 26 & Hwy 101, Florence). To sign-up, Contact Janet Huston at 997-3212. Cost $25.00. David Davis, Class Manager.

Subjects to be Covered:

Fire Safety, Medical I & II, Mass Casualty Drill, Search & Rescue, Organization, Psychology, Terrorism, Ready Kits, Review & Simulation

Dates & Times:   

  1. Friday, October 6: 6:00-9:00 pm - Preparedness
  2. Saturday, October 7 & 14: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Class; 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Lunch; 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm Class
  3. Saturday October 21: 8:00 am - 12 pm Exercise (CERT Rodeo)



An "Are You Ready Class" will be presented at the Siuslaw Fire & Rescue Building (main Florence Fire Station, 26th & Hwy 101), October 28th from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
To register, please contact Janet at the fire station at 997-3212. The class will be taught by Jean Busby. Are You Ready teaches how you and your family can be prepared during a disaster.


C.E.R.T. Board of Directors Meeting

August 8, 2006


The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m.

Attendees were Cal Crowe, Denise Crowe, Ray Ericson, Lon Bradley,

 Paul Cornett, Nancy Ruch, Jean Busby and Debbie Golub.


The Minutes of June 21, 2006 were approved.


The Treasurer reported a balance of $794 after paying out $50 to the State for annual registration fee. The Treasurer reported that income from the fees paid by the last CERT class attendees had not yet been received.


Cal Crowe reported that CERT had received a request to support a table at the upcoming Fire Station Hamburger Feed on August 12. Even though this is very short notice we should try to have an information table there to sign up people for classes and tout Are You Ready?


Lon has large maps of the Florence area and wants to proceed as soon as possible with locating people of the maps to look for natural groupings. Then we will have to encourage those geographical groups to organize.


Nancy Ruch explained that since new carpets have been installed in the Fire Station we should plan on having our September meeting potluck in the downstairs lounge with tables in the nearest bay.


Debbie Golub described the Data Base program she has been working on for us. She has a functioning prototype now, using Excel. She can start loading information into it but there are a number of issues that should be resolved so enable her to complete this. Some people don’t want their phone # , or address listed for privacy reasons but CERT wants it for emergency situations. Should it be put on disc so it can be transferred to other users? Should it be on a server so there can be multiple access? Should it be self-standing on a PC? Lon will work with Debbie on the membership list and on specifying what other data is desired and how that can be used with his large maps.


It was noted that the last CERT class had some problems not seen before and this may have been due to the change to a concentrated weekend schedule. The next CERT class is scheduled to be given over 3 weekends, so we can make a comparison. After that we will go back to the one evening a week.


It was noted that Bob Sneddon is going to revise the radio announcement to tell people to set up a two-week supply rather than a 72-hour supply


Dunes City Festival of the Lakes is coming up on August 19th and CERT will be there with a table. Volunteers to man the table are already assigned.

We will have to investigate what is needed for other events such as the Health Fair and the Safety Fair.


It was stated that we should continue to have our radio checks a 7 p.m.on Monday nights on Channel 7. The new Board should have periodic training on the radios, advertise it and not limit it to CERT members. The details of the Ham Radio Base Station procurement are still to be worked out.  


Several of the existing Board members are planning to leave the Board so this is an opportunity to get new members on the Board. Talk it up with any members you see.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Respectively Submitted, Paul Cornett