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From Jacquie Beveridge: FYI, CERT members! Not sure if any of you saw this, but it's just a reminder that events do happen that can affect us! Statement as of 9:08 PM PST on January 29, 2007

  • A strong earthquake has occurred but a tsunami is NOT expected along the California/ Oregon/ Washington/British Columbia or Alaska coasts.
    No - repeat no - warning or watch is in effect for these areas. Based on the earthquake magnitude and historic tsunami records a damaging tsunami is not expected along the California/ Oregon/ Washington/ British Columbia and Alaska coasts. At coastal locations which have experienced strong ground shaking local tsunamis are possible due to underwater landslides. At 855 PM Pacific Standard time on January 29 an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 6.8 occurred west of Macquarie Island southwest Pacific Ocean, Australia.
    The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach Hawaii will issue messages for Hawaii and other areas of the Pacific outside
    Oregon /California/Wash.British Columbia and   Alaska. This will be the only statement issued for this event by the West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center unless additional information becomes available. See the web site wcatwc.Arh.NOAA.Gov for basic tsunami information



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  • Learn how to photograph your home for insurance purposes
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by Cal Crowe

A fun part of picking the Volunteer of the Month is finding out interesting facts we didn’t know about the individuals being spotlighted. For instance, February Volunteer, Anne Machalek, was born in Poland during World War II. She came to the United States when she was six years old. Anne who is an active part of the CERT Organization was chosen because of her dedication and tireless work in making this a better program. Besides being involved in CERT in a major way, she helps teach in the "Are You Ready? " program, she’s active in Citizen Corps, is helping to organize the Citizen Corps Council and is part of Toastmasters….a busy lady for sure. Anne comes to us from Chicago, Illinois (Da!Bears). She has a B.A. Degree from Elmhurst University, Elmhurst, Illinois. Anne worked for some twenty years training people in the Telecommunications Industry for Bell Atlantic Communications, Allcon Communications and the Federal Government. She and her husband, Milan, who worked in the printing industry, moved to Florence in 2001 after visiting the area in 1995. They have three sons and three grandchildren. Anne and her husband love to travel in their motor home and have been in all areas of the country including Alaska and Canada. Anne has been on a Photography Safari in Kenya, Africa as part of a program through the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago and has traveled to Europe. Her family follows in her footsteps, with her son just completing a trip to Egypt. Thank you Anne for a job well done. CERT is a much better organization because of all our volunteers, including Anne Machalek.

Actual Board Meeting February 14, 2007

Groundhog Day Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow on February 2nd, 2007, so according to German folklore....we're going to have an early spring.

2006-2007 CERT Board Members

Chair - Dayna Devlin
Vice-Chair - Phyllis Mauldin
Secretary - Lori Grender
Treasurer - David Stoutenburg
Communications - Lon Bradley
Publicity - Jacquie Beveridge
Planning - Anne Machalek
Education - Jean Busby
Advisor 1 - Dave Davis
Advisor II - Nancy Ruch


  • CORRECTION - The Regular CERT Board of Directors now meets the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Florence Main Fire Station (downstairs). The CERT overall training meetings will be held the second Wednesdays of every other month at 7 p.m. at the Main Fire Station (upstairs). The next one will be March 14, 2007. Thank You!

Are You Ready for an Emergency?

  • A disaster preparedness class, Are You Ready, will be held Saturday February 24, 2007 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Florence Main Fire Station 2625 Hwy 101 North in the second floor Training Room. The class will help you plan in advance any kind of catastrophe . During the three hours, you will learn how you can develop, practice, and maintain emergency plans using checklists and a free workbook. You will also learn how to assemble disaster supply kits that contain food, water, medicine, and other goods in sufficient quantities to protect your family. We show you practical examples of kits that you can easily gather and have available for emergency situations. You need to pre-register for the free class by calling the Fire Station at 997-3212 as soon as possible. Tell your family members, relatives and friends about it. The more people who can care for themselves in an emergency, the better off we will be.

  • City of Florence Tsunami Siren Test, Friday, February 23, 2007 at 11 a.m.

  • CERT Membership Meeting (for all CERT Members), Wed. March 14, 2007, at 7 p.m., Florence Fire Station 1 (Hwy. 101 & 26th, Upstairs. Topic: USA Watch, Dave Davis



  • April 2, (Monday) 6 p.m. -  9 p.m.
  • April 7, (Sat.)        8 a.m. -  4 p.m.
  • April 9, (Monday) 6 p.m. -  9 p.m.
  • April 14 (Sat.)   7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • (Continental Breakfast) April 14 
All Classes will be held at the Florence Firestation One (26th & Hwy. 101).
To enroll call Janet at 997-3212.
CERT Rodeo, Saturday April 14, 2007 noon-4 p.m. Victim Volunteers are needed as well as someone to teach a mini-class on
bleeding & bandaging. Please Contact
Jean Busby at 997-5810 if you can help out.

Disaster Preparedness Expo
Florence CERT is working on an area wide disaster exercise slated for Saturday, September 15, 2007. If you would like to help out with the planning, please contact Dave Davis at 902-0677, 997-3212 or get in touch with any of the Board Members. More information will be forthcoming in the comming weeks.

 Linda Cook, Lane Co. Emergency Manager
The National Office of Citizen Corps is pleased to announce that the 2007 National Citizen Corps Conference will be held June 10 - 13, 2007 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia.  The conference is being held in conjunction with the International Association of Emergency Managers and the National Emergency Management Association. Information on registration will be coming soon.

Email from Dave Davis:



Pacific Northwest Regional Citizen Corps Conference


Portland State University (PSU), Portland


June 1, 2, 3rd (Friday 1pm to Sunday noon)

 Lodging: PSU on-campus hotel (former Red Lion) Disclaimer: My apologies to whoever gets this that I should have long deleted from the active lists ...We, as a State Citizen Corps Council will host a region wide Citizen Corps Preparedness Conference on the dates listed above. This event is co-sponsored along with Idaho, Washington, and Alaska Citizen Corps Councils. With such a wide diversity, we hope to draw on many different ideas, skills, best practices and leadership traits from our many varied individual councils. Our Northwest Conference is open to <all> persons participating in any genre under the Citizen Corps umbrella (CERT, MRC, VIPS, Neighborhood Watch, Fire Corps) and attached to a registered Council. Oregon (OEM) Citizen Corps will pay lodging for up to two persons from each of Oregon's (40) active, registered councils. Active is a key word here. Other states may/will arrange attendance in other ways. Registration is not set up yet to receive reservations but should be on-line shortly. Contact numbers for registration and lodging reservation will be available soon. There may be a minimal cost for conference registration but that has not been determined yet. While June seems a long way off, our dates are also a week before Rose Festival kicks off and may present some booking congestion. We have reserved a block of rooms at a very affordable rate of $79 which is way below metro area per diem.

Organizers and co-chairs of the conference are: Cathy Harrington, City of Gresham (503)618-2482 and...................................................>

Kathleen Joy, Oregon Commission for Voluntary (503)725-5903 and <>

Action and Service
If you have any burning suggestions for sessions, or if you have a best, nominations for a member continually going "above and beyond", best practice to share, or potential vendor suggestions, please email either of our co-chairs or myself. Both also have regular jobs and may have to prioritize messages. I have a leave of absence coming up shortly and will defer to both Kathleen and Cathy at that point.

Remember, we are in the infancy stages here and still adding to our plans day by day. Be patient ..... Updates may be frequent.

Please pass this message along and get the word out to your groups. All are eligible to attend under the CCP umbrella organizations.

Oregon Emergency Management. Mail: PO Box 14370, Salem, Oregon, 97309-5062

Location: 3225 State Street, Salem, Oregon 97301
(503)378-2911 x22252 (503)373-7833 (fax) email:

Debbie Golob
December 13, 2006
1.  The ARES presentation by Bruce Bjerke focused on the  topic of why ARES must remain separate from CERT

2. The meeting was called to order at 7:37 p.m.

  • Members Present-Jacquie Beveridge, Jean Busby, David Davis, Dayna Devlin, Debbie Golob, Ann Machalek, Phyllis Mauldin & David Stoutenburg
  • Minutes were approved with slight corrections
  • Treasurer's Report $1,405.29 currently in the bank

3. Training

  • The next CERT Class will be in April
  •  Discssed if the IS100 Training could be part of the CERT Class and decided it couldn't because it is very intensive, 8 hrs for IS 100 and 12-16 hrs. for IS200.

4. Community Education

  •  Discussed having a community exercise conducted by CERT for September "Disaster Preparadness Month"

5. Committees Formed

  •  Need to evaluate Disaster Kits
  • Need Committee of 3 to review CERT financial status
  •  Need a Fund Raiser Committee

6. Adjournment:9 p.m.